Give Your Commission the APA Edge

Agencies can choose how they want to connect with APA.

APA Planning Board Members

Planning board membership includes all the benefits of APA membership — and more — at a cost far below what practicing planners pay.

Planning board members receive the print and digital editions of Planning, APA's flagship magazine, which includes "The Commissioner," a special bi-monthly section for local officials. ("The Commissioner" is also available as a separate digital flipbook.) They belong to a local chapter and benefit from opportunities to share experiences with other commissioners and planners at national and chapter meetings, conferences, and training events.

APA Affiliates

APA Affiliates receive many of the "extras" that planning board members get, including online editions of Planning and "The Commissioner." This option costs less than membership. APA Affiliates are not APA national or APA chapter members.

Affiliation is a good choice for agencies that lack the time or financial resources to participate in chapter and APA events. Because all benefits are delivered online, affiliation is most effective if the agency can provide an individual e-mail address for each commissioner or official signed up.

Get the Tools You Need

All commissioners — whether newly seated or well experienced — need to master planning basics and learn about innovative practices.

Build Essential Skills

A skilled commission guides competing interests toward consensus on controversial issues. APA publications, audio/web conferences, national and chapter conference sessions, and targeted training packages teach core lessons that help commissioners decide fairly and sidestep legal pitfalls.

Use the Best Resources

APA publishes most of the materials used to educate planning commissions, zoning boards, and boards of adjustment. In addition to Planning, planning board members and affiliates receive Planning Board Briefs, a specialty e-newsletter that links to online training resources and information about upcoming educational and networking events around the country. They also have access to all of the specialized resources available via APA's commissioners' web portal.

Other materials — books, training manuals, and streaming media — are available from the APA Store. Most are discounted for members.

Connect to the Planning Community

Learn how other commissions have solved the problems yours is facing now and share your good ideas and effective solutions with colleagues in other cities and towns.

Your partnership with APA will extend to commissions across America.

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Not a Commissioner, Board Member, or Official?

APA membership is open to everyone who is committed to applying the benefits of planning to create communities of lasting value.

Click here if you are a practicing planner

Click here if you are a student. Full-time students are eligible for APA membership at reduced rates with enhanced benefits.

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