APA's Academic Membership Program

APA invites academic departments that are full members of the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning to participate in a group membership program specially designed for planning educators. Through publications, events, and programs that bring them together with frontline planners, planning educators who belong to APA stay connected to planning practice and policies that shape planning. Now planning schools can offer this important opportunity to their most valuable staff at an affordable price.

Enhanced Membership Benefits

Academic members receive the full package of APA benefits, which includes:

They also get a bonus benefit that is especially valuable to academics: a free subscription to the electronic edition of the Journal of the American Planning Association and online access to JAPA archives.

How It Works

Participating schools are required to enroll all faculty with a rank of assistant professor or above who devote at least half their time to the planning program. They may enroll certain other faculty as well. Schools pay an annual participation fee and APA national and chapter dues — both set significantly below regular member dues — for each individual member. Schools may choose to pay AICP dues, also at a reduced rate, for faculty who belong to the American Institute of Certified Planners. The academic membership year is October 1–September 30. Participating schools enroll their faculty as academic members on a special application provided by APA.

Complete details about APA's Academic Membership Program (pdf)

2013-2014 Academic Membership Program participants (pdf)


E-mail academicmembership@planning.org.