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APA membership gives planning students like you resources to help you succeed in school and beyond. You’ll connect with the best of today's planning practice and meet other students and professionals who share your passion for creating better places to live, work, and play.

The best part? Your first year could be free!  Read below for eligibility requirements.

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What’s Included?

Requirements for Student Membership

You must be a full-time student that has never been an APA member before.  Join in one of two ways:

  1. If you attend a planning program that is a full member of ACSP, you must contact your program administrator to sign you up during one of two enrollment periods.  The first year is free.  Click here to find out if your program participates.
  2. If you attend any other program, you must be under 35 and can join online. The first year is $50.

Once you have joined APA as a student member, and you (or your school) have verified your status as a full-time student, you are eligible for five full years of discounted membership in the Early Career Membership Program, even if you are no longer a full-time student

At the end of each of your first four years, APA will ask you to renew your participation in the Early Career Membership Program. At the end of your fifth year, APA will automatically change your membership category and ask you to renew as a regular member, regardless of your student or employment status. At this point, your dues will be determined according to APA's salary-based dues structure.

Not a Student?

APA membership is open to everyone who is committed to applying the benefits of planning to create communities of lasting value.

  • Learn more if you’re a planning or zoning board member or commissioner or an elected or appointed official
  • Learn more if you’re a practicing planner or a student that doesn’t meet the eligibility requirements above
  • Learn more if you live outside the United States
  • Learn more if you’re an educator
  • Learn more if you work in an affiliated profession or you are an interested nonplanner

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