Planning Student Organizations

APA-registered Planning Student Organizations (PSO) are going strong in more than 40 universities throughout the country. PSOs strengthen connections between students and chapters and among planning students across the country and around the world.

Why register a PSO with APA?

  1. The PSO will be eligible to enter the Student Representatives Council Outstanding PSO Awards program. Winning PSOs are recognized during the APA National Planning Conference and receive a cash award sponsored by APA divisions.
  2. Members will get up-to-date information and reminders from APA about events and opportunities for students.
  3. Your PSO student representative will belong to the APA Student Representatives Council (SRC) and have a say in APA student governance.

Register your PSO — Become Your PSO's Student Representative and Join the SRC

Each PSO must have a Student Representative (who must be an APA Student Member) and a Faculty Advisor. The Student Representative joins the APA Student Representatives Council as soon as he/she has registered the PSO with APA. PSOs must register with APA each year. Yearly registration gives APA up-to-date information about the student representative and the faculty advisor so we can serve PSOs better.

Find out if there's an APA PSO on your campus

SRC Student Representative Position Description

No APA PSO at your school? No problem, start one!

Fill out our online form that identifies:

  • A representative to APA's Student Representatives Council
  • A faculty advisor

You'll soon be part of the APA PSO community!

PSO Registration and Student Representative Form