National Community Planning Month

The achievements of planning are celebrated in October with National Community Planning Month.

The 2016 theme is Civic Engagement. This year's theme underscores the necessity of engaging the public, elected officials, and key leaders in discussions that shape the future of our cities. Thoughtful local planning cannot happen without meaningful civic engagement.

NCPM 2016

National Community Planning Month kicks off every year with the announcement of APA's Great Places in America. These Great Places feature unique and authentic characteristics that have evolved from years of thoughtful, deliberate planning by residents, community leaders, and planners.

Visit the Resource Hub for the 2016 logo, sample social media posts, web banners, sample letter to the editor, and much more!

Throughout the month, we'll highlight stories of:

How Does Planning Add Value to Your Community?

We want to know: How is planning benefiting your community? Email us your stories at and we'll help you celebrate your successes all October long.

Planning a community tour, meeting, or other special event to mark the occasion? Let us know. We've got the resources to help you prepare!

Spread the Word

Looking for a planner to come and speak at your event or community? Connect with a planner through the APA Ambassadors Program.

You can help spread the word about the importance of planning. Use the hashtag #PlanningMonth in your social media posts.