The achievements of planning are celebrated in October with National Community Planning Month. This year's theme is Healthy Communities, Healthy People.

Highlight the importance of planning and planners this October during National Community Planning Month. This year's theme is Healthy Communities, Healthy People. The theme underscores the impact that the built environment can have on residents' health. Call attention to your community's health this year — plan a hike, a bike ride, or even just a walk through a neighborhood.

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Also during October, APA announces the annual designees of its Great Places in America program. Check out this year's and previous designees.

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Share Your Activities

How are you celebrating National Community Planning Month or calling attention to the value and importance of planning? Share your events, activities and photos! E-mail

And check out what other communities are doing for inspiration!

Spread the Word

Looking for a planner to come and speak at your event or community? Connect with a planner through APA's Ambassadors Program.

You can help spread the word about the importance of planning. Use the hashtag #planningmonth in your social media posts.

How do you love planning?

Count the ways and share them in October – National Community Planning Month.

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Proclamation Contest

Let's proclaim October as National Community Planning Month throughout the country. Last year, we had 27 states participate ... let's smash that record!

Learn how to participate in the Coast to Coast National Community Planning Month Proclamation Contest

National Community Planning Month Events

10 Ways You Can Celebrate National Community Planning Month

Not sure what to do this October to celebrate National Community Planning Month? Check out what other communities have done under the Share Your Activities. And don't forget to submit your own activities, e-mail them to

  1. Proclaim October as National Community Planning Month.
  2. Honor your Elected and Appointed Officials and Commissioners during a city council meeting. Or visit your elected officials.
  3. Host a neighborhood tour, create an exhibit about the community's planning history or hold a department open house. See how other communities have celebrated.
  4. Create a reading list of "must-read" planning books. Organize a book discussion group around a planning book.
  5. Participate in a career day, and inspire future students to become future planners
  6. Give kids an opportunity to plan by organizing a box city event for a local youth organization.
  7. Screen a planning-focused film.
  8. Get social. Use the #planningmonth hashtag and promote planning through your website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media outlet.
  9. Sponsor a community photo contest. Ask residents to photograph their favorite places within the community.
  10. Invite a planning guest speaker to your community, neighborhood association or organization meeting. Find planners through APA's Ambassador's Program.

Public Service Announcements

APA has created recorded and live-read public service announcements (PSAs) to celebrate the importance of planning this October.

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