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Today's planners need to stay informed about innovative strategies and techniques for a wide range of planning topics.

PAS Memo delivers this information to you. It highlights current cutting-edge topics — such as green roofs and climate change adaptation — while providing the latest findings and best practices in classic planning areas such as stormwater management and housing affordability.

PAS Memo is written by practicing planners and experts in the field eager to share their expertise through illuminating case studies. Each article provides a list of links to online resources for planners who want to dig deeper.

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PAS Memo — January / February 2015

Next-Generation Transportation Impact Fees

Are your community's transportation impact fees "old-school" — one-size-fits-all and based on an auto-dominated suburban paradigm? Or have you moved to the "next generation" of transportation impact fees with a structure that takes context into consideration and supports multimodal infrastructure improvements that improve mobility for all users, whether in cars or buses, on bikes or on foot?

This month's PAS Memo shows how next-generation transportation impact fees can act as important implementation mechanisms for smarter patterns of growth. If it's been a while since your community last evaluated its impact fees, read this month's Memo for valuable pointers on how to move toward an improved impact fee approach.

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