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Subdivision Design and Flood Hazard Areas

 The latest PAS Report elaborates on new information and tools and outlines a series of planning and design principles related to subdivision design and flood hazard areas. The authors emphasizes the value of an integrated approach to planning for natural hazards by improving regulations and design.

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Historic Reports

PAS published its first Information Report in 1949. To celebrate this history, each month we'll present a new report from the archives. We hope you enjoy these fascinating snapshots of planning issues of yesteryear.

The Changing Function of Trailer Parks

Information Report No. 84, March 1956

By the mid-1950s, mobile home numbers were on the rise and their main use had clearly shifted from vacation travel to temporary or permanent housing, but trailer parks often lacked basic amenities and were typically relegated to commercial or industrial zones and fringe areas where land was cheap. This month's historic PAS Report explores the evolving world of "trailerites" and advocates for zoning changes to accommodate the increasingly residential nature of mobile home parks.

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