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Each quarter APA's Planning Advisory Service publishes a new PAS Report providing authoritative guidance on current issues and innovative practices.

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Coastal Zone Management

Cover of PAS Report no. 581, Coastal Zone ManagementCoastlines are physically dynamic environments that are continually being shaped and reshaped by tides, waves, erosion, storms, flooding, and climate change. Meanwhile, coastal areas are the most densely populated places in the United States. Planners in coastal areas face a wide range of challenges in their efforts to balance protection of these sensitive natural environments with the intense and increasing impacts of human and economic activity.

Coastal Zone Management unpacks some of these challenges and suggests approaches to effective planning in coastal areas. The report reviews essential facts about coastal populations and economic activity and describes the physical elements that make up coastal areas before discussing the role of local planning in enhancing coastal resilience and presenting principles of effective coastal planning.

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Whatever issue you're working on, chances are there's a PAS Report that covers it. Since 1949, PAS has published about 575 reports on a wide range of planning topics.

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Historic Reports

PAS Report No 145 coverPAS published its first Information Report in 1949. To celebrate this history, each month we'll present a new report from the archives. We hope you enjoy these fascinating snapshots of planning issues of yesteryear.

Information Report No. 86, May 1956

Land Development Ordinances: Grading; Curb Cuts and Driveways; Street Trees

Many types of regulations end up in the zoning ordinance that could perhaps be more conveniently (and appropriately) codified in a standalone ordinance or another part of the municipal code. Last month's Zoning Practice tackled this topic with regard to issues including temporary events and business operations.

This month's historic PAS Report from 1956 shows that planners have been debating this point for decades. Find out when a special ordinance may be more appropriate than a zoning amendment and learn about grading, curb cuts, and street trees as three topics better addressed outside the zoning code. 

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