PAS published its first Information Report in 1949. Whatever issue you're working on, chances are there's a PAS Report that covers it.

APA members and PAS subscribers can download nearly 100 reports published since 1994; others may purchase PDFs of these reports for $25 each. Select titles, including many historic reports (1–241), are open to all.


598. Commercial Corridor Redevelopment Strategies. Luis Núñez. 2021. 188pp.

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563. Urban Agriculture: Growing Healthy, Sustainable Places. Kimberley Hodgson, Marcia Caton Campbell, and Martin Bailkey. 2011. 148pp.

562. Planners and Planes: Airports and Land-Use Compatibility. Susan M. Schalk, AICP, and Stephanie A.D. Ward, AICP. 2010. 72pp.

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497/498. Parks, Recreation, and Open Space: A Twenty-First Century Agenda. Alexander Garvin. December 2000. 72pp.

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