APA Foresight helps planners navigate change and prepare for an uncertain future. With foresight in mind, planners can guide change, create more sustainable and equitable outcomes, and establish themselves as critical to a thriving community.

APA Foresight is about understanding drivers of change that are outside of our control, how we can prepare for them, and when it is time to act. Let's use the future to create great communities for all!

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2022 Trend Report for Planners

Cover of 2022 Trend Report for Planners

APA Foresight

The 2022 Trend Report for Planners, developed in partnership with the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, features nearly 100 existing, emerging, and potential future trends that APA identified as relevant to planning. The trends are structured within three timeframes (Act Now, Prepare, Learn and Watch), which indicate the urgency of planners' action.

AI in Planning: Opportunities and Challenges and How to Prepare

AI in Planning: Opportunities and Challenges and How to Prepare

APA Foresight

This white paper summarizes the findings from APA's "AI in Planning" Foresight Community and suggests initial ideas on how planners can prepare for AI and its potential impacts, how planners can ensure AI-based planning tools are used in equitable and inclusive ways, and what the role of the planner should be in developing and using AI-based planning tools.

APA Trend Universe

Five trend categories are at the foundation of APA's foresight research. In our trend universe, you can find existing trends (act on them now!), emerging trends (start preparing for them!), and potential future trends (keep watching and learn more about them!). APA's trend universe is developed together with our partners, practicing planners and academia, allied professionals, and thought leaders from APA's Trend Scouting Foresight Community.


APA's foresight research is made possible in part through our partnership with the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy.

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Artificial Intelligence

Between June 2021 and June 2022, APA gathered a multidisciplinary group of experts in planning, computer science, data analytics, engineering, among other disciplines for a series of 10 meetings on the topic of artificial intelligence and the role it may play in the future of cities and the planning profession. Read more about our Foresight Community on "AI in Planning".

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