The Trend Universe is the place to find all of the trends that APA has identified as part of its foresight practice. The trends here are dynamically updated, reflecting the accelerating pace of change of today and tomorrow. Here, you can find existing trends (act on them now), emerging trends (start preparing for them), and potential future trends (keep watching and learn more about them), all organized around seven general themes. APA's Trend Universe is developed together with partners, experts, and practitioners, as part of APA's Trend Scouting Foresight Community.


PlanTech and Methods

The Future of planning

The world is in constant flux and so is the planning profession. PlanTech, the technologies planners can use in their work to facilitate processes or make certain tasks more efficient, is emerging as a critical element of the future of planning. Emerging methods, such as people-centric and hyperlocal planning approaches to enhance equity or the integration of future literacy and imagination into planning, are also rising to meet the challenges of a complex and uncertain future.

Recent Publications


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