In Your Community

What Is Planning?

Ever wonder what planners do — or how planning shapes your community?

A planner’s job is to work with residents and elected officials to guide the layout of an entire community or region.

Explore the timeline of American planning history since 1900.

Hear public service announcements about planning.

Engage students in the planning process with resources for educators.

Great Places in America

APA honors places — in communities large and small — that celebrate stories of exemplary planning that have resulted in stronger, healthier, and more just communities.

National Planning Excellence Awards

Each year, APA recognizes outstanding efforts in planning and planning leadership.

Planning Assistance

How does planning make a difference in your community? Learn how planners and planning are helping to create communities of lasting value — from planners volunteering their time to address challenges within your community.

APA Ambassadors

APA members volunteer their time to speak about the importance and value that planning brings to communities. Learn how planning is a part of your daily life. Our Ambassadors host a variety of activities and events for classrooms, community meetings and events.