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The APA Ambassador Program is a volunteer activity led by members of the American Planning Association with the goal of increasing awareness and understanding of the power and value that the planning profession brings to communities. Particular emphasis is placed on reaching audiences of diverse racial, ethnic, cultural, and economic backgrounds. Benefits of joining the Ambassadors program include pro bono CM credits and access to national online forum to share resources and form local teams.

The 2020 APA Ambassador program is well under way members are volunteering their time and expertise across the U.S. and abroad. We continue to see a diverse array of participants, new types of activities, and creative approaches to civic engagement. Throughout the year, Ambassadors share their experiences in the APA blog and on social media using #APAAmbassadors.

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Meet the Ambassadors

See the current list of Ambassadors and read the profiles of a few of our our Ambassadors. Learn about that explore the ways they are involved in their communities, their techniques, challenges, and tips for future participants.

2020 APA Ambassadors


Ambassador Blog Posts

Florida State University students organized a Box Cities event for the APA Ambassador program. Photo courtesy Yes Segura.