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Why hire a consultant? To supplement staff time and expertise, ensure objectivity or credibility, benefit from a variety of skills, and meet deadlines or legal requirements.

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APA's listing of consulting firms that provide planning expertise in general planning as well as specialty areas.

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Working with Planning Consultants

In Working with Planning Consultants, PAS Report 573 from 2013, Eric Damian Kelly, FAICP, shows not only how to hire a good consultant but how to be a good client — one who gets good value from the investment in consulting services. While this report is aimed at planning officials, consultants also will find pointers for navigating the selection process more smoothly.

Selecting and Retaining a Planning Consultant

This excerpt from Selecting and Retaining a Planning Consultant: RFPs, RFQs, Contracts, and Project Management by Eric Damian Kelly, FAICP, comes from PAS Report 443, published by APA in 1993.

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Better RFPs, Please

In this article from Planning magazine, one consultant suggests how to bring the request-for-proposals process into the 21st century.

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