As part of the National Planning Conference, the American Institute of Certified Planners sponsors the Community Planning Workshop, a one-day event that engages community leaders, citizens, and guest planners in discussing and proposing specific solutions to urban planning challenges.

Share your knowledge and help achieve a community's vision.

2019 AICP Community Planning Workshop

Street scene in Chinatown, Oakland, California.

Lake Merritt Station Area, Oakland, California

The 2019 AICP Community Planning Workshop will focus on key strategies necessary to establish, finance, and sustain a community benefit district in one of the last urban-infill neighborhoods in Downtown Oakland. This redeveloping, transit-oriented development (TOD) is at the nexus between planning and implementation.

In 2018, Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART), one of the largest public landowners, selected a master developer to build 500 housing units, 600,000 square feet of office space, 20,000 square feet of retail, and public amenities over the existing, below-grade BART train station. Located in the heart of Oakland Chinatown, community stakeholders aim to protect the area’s status as a thriving, inclusive cultural district — while building ownership and wealth in the community and minimizing displacement.

The community acknowledges a need to look beyond planning and real estate solutions. A sustainable funding mechanism that goes beyond the one-time development-related impact fees is needed. Implementation of parking, open space, maintenance, and other considerations often get overlooked and underfunded.

Community Planning Workshop Briefing Booklet

Community Assistance Program (CAP) Training Webinar

This CAP Training Webinar is intended for professional planners, community organizers, and citizens interested in community planning. AICP members will gain a more nuanced set of skills related to organizing and participating in community workshops and other public engagement strategies (and earn 1 CM credit). Viewers will also learn effective ways of participating in public forums by developing new ways of eliciting input and important feedback from residents and stakeholders.

In addition to an overview of the direct technical assistance aspects of CAP, the webinar is intended for APA members interested in starting their own pro bono community assistance programs within their own chapters or divisions.

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