The Transportation/Land Use Connection: Revised Edition

PAS Report 546/547

By Terry Moore, Paul Thorsnes, Bruce Appleyard

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Communities that integrate transportation and land-use policies are better able to manage growth, improve the efficiency of travel, and contain infrastructure costs. Highways have shaped America's growth — and will continue to do so — but highways have a big problem: congestion. Building more roads rarely solves this problem, at least, not for long, but changes in the way we approach transportation and land-use planning might.

This report examines the need for public-sector investment in land-use and transportation development and the tools and techniques planners can use to integrate transportation and land use. It looks at the forces shaping cities and their transportation systems, frameworks for evaluating transportation and land-use policies, and the role of regional comprehensive plans.

Appendices cover congestion pricing, microeconomic analysis, benefit-cost analysis, and more.

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July 15, 2007
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American Planning Association