Planning for Shared Mobility

PAS Report 583

By Adam Cohen, Susan Shaheen

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Ridesharing. Carsharing. Bikesharing. In the "shared economy," shared and for-hire vehicle services are on a roll. But what are the rules of the road for these new services? Planning for Shared Mobility offers answers for communities on the move.

This PAS Report, by a pair of UC Berkeley researchers, tracks the path short-term transportation access has taken so far. Authors Adam Cohen and Susan Shaheen look at how shared mobility is shaping — and being shaped by — local plans and policies. The report also shares the tools planners can use to manage mobility, such as zoning, permits, variances, and discretionary review. Profiles of eight cities, from New York to Seattle, show the plans they've put in motion and lessons they've picked up along the way.

Sharing wheels is more than a convenience, the authors argue. It can boost mobility, cut vehicle emissions, and create links between walking, cycling, and transit. Ready to move forward? Read Planning for Shared Mobility to learn what's next — and how to roll out the long-term benefits of short-term transportation access.


Executive Summary

About the Authors

Adam Cohen is a shared-mobility researcher at the Transportation Sustainability Research Center at UC Berkeley. Since joining the group in 2004, he has focused his research on worldwide carsharing, bikesharing, ridesharing, and emerging technologies. He has coauthored numerous articles and reports on shared mobility in peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings. His academic background is in city and regional planning and international affairs.

Susan Shaheen is an adjunct professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and a research engineer with the Institute of Transportation Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. She is also co-director of the Transportation Sustainability Research Center at UC Berkeley. She was the policy and behavioral research program leader at California Partners for Advanced Transit and Highways, a special assistant to the director's office of the California Department of Transportation, and the first Honda Distinguished Scholar in Transportation at the Institute of Transportation Studies at UC Davis, where she served as the endowed chair until 2012.

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Date Published
July 26, 2016
Adobe PDF
American Planning Association

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Chapter 1. Shared Mobility: An Introduction
What Is Shared Mobility?
History and Evolution of Shared Mobility
Shared Mobility and Planning

Chapter 2. The Impacts of Shared Mobility
Data Challenges in Understanding Shared Mobility
Impacts of Ridesharing
Impacts of Carsharing
Impacts of Bikesharing
Impacts of Ridesourcing/Transportation Network Companies and Taxi Sharing
Overview: Impacts of Shared Mobility on Planning

Chapter 3. Shared Mobility Policies
Policies Involving Public Rights-of-Way
Incentive Zoning
Transportation Demand Management
Insurance and On-Demand Ride Service Policies
Developing Shared Mobility Policies

Chapter 4. Developing a Shared Mobility Planning and Policy Framework
Shared Mobility and Planning Processes
Policy Planning for Shared Mobility
Planning and Policy Making for Shared Mobility

Chapter 5. Supporting Shared Mobility
Becoming Partners of Shared Modes
Allocating Funds for Shared Mobility
Forming Risk-Sharing Partnerships
Giving Developer Incentives for the Inclusion of Shared Mobility
Supplying Access to Public Rights-of-Way
Issuing Requests for Proposals
Incorporating Shared Mobility into Plans and Planning Processes
Addressing Key Public Policy Issues Affecting Shared Mobility
Shared Mobility: Looking Forward

Appendix A. Selected City Profiles of Shared Mobility

Appendix B. Shared Mobility Resources for Planners

Appendix C. Unweighted Aggregate Shift in Public Transit, Shared, and Non-Motorized Modes (Free-Floating One-Way Carsharing)

Appendix D. Ridesourcing/Transportation Network Company Insurance Legislation