Street Vending (PAS 509)

A Survey of Ideas and Lessons for Planners

By Jennifer Ball

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A good street vending program can provide valuable employment opportunities. But many citizens and business owners criticize vending as an unsightly "Third World" activity that creates trash, jeopardizes public safety, and hurts established local stores.

This report offers some recommendations about structural design and operational issues ranging from hours of operation and merchandising to permitting and enforcement. Sidebars describe success stories and cite helpful resources. 

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Aug. 1, 2002
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APA Planning Advisory Service

Table of Contents

Economic Development Issues

Opportunities for minorities and people with disabilities • Retail Revitalization

Design and Operational Issues

Structure Design • Design Guidelines • Location Decisions • Trash Disposal • Hours of Operation • Merchandise • Legal and Politcal Issues • Permitting • Enforcement

Case Study: City of Atlanta

Current Situation • Issues that still need to be addressed • Recommendations for Atlanta's street vending program • Implementation

Recommendations for Planners

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Excerpt from Downtown Idea Exchange, January 2003, Jeanne O'Brien Coffey:

"The American Planning Association (APA) has put together a book, Street Vending (PAS 509) by Jennifer Ball, with case studies, sample regulations and suggestions about everything from design guidelines to trash disposal, as well as permitting and enforcement issues, hours of operation and locations decisions."