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Join APA — the essential membership organization for planners. We bring together people from every state and more than 90 countries who share your passions and can help you shape your future.

Stay on the leading edge of planning

APA membership is the best way to keep up with the profession. Follow contemporary practice in Planning and get early access to new research and innovative practices. Hone your skills with APA's top-notch professional education delivered in-person and online.

Connect to the planning community

Strong and diverse networks are essential to personal satisfaction and career success. Build them in APA. Exchange ideas, solve problems, and make crucial connections in your local chapter and share your special planning interest in an APA division. Immerse yourself in the profession at APA's annual National Planning Conference.

Advance your career

Get mentoring, guidance, and training at all stages of your professional life. Use your network and advanced skills to open unexpected career options. Your APA connections could help you land your next job!

Promote planning

Your membership will strengthen APA's advocacy for good planning and essential programs. On a personal level, APA's communication tools, training, organization, and access will help you become an effective advocate able to craft and deliver positive messages about planning to key audiences.

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Ask your employer to support your APA membership

Many public agencies and private firms pay their employees' APA dues. Why? Because the benefits that accrue to APA members — access to information, high-quality professional education, expansive networks, and more — make them better planners and more valuable assets.

Ask your employer to support your professional development by paying for your APA membership. If you want, take our talking points with you and leave them behind with your boss to reinforce your request.

Get certified

Only APA members may earn certification by the American Institute of Certified Planners. AICP offers the only national, independent verification of planners' qualifications. Certification affirms your commitment to the highest level of planning practice and assures colleagues and employers that you have the education, experience, and skills required to serve your community effectively.

Member dues

In the United States: Annual APA dues for most U.S. members range from $160 to $385. Dues are salary-based, ensuring that individuals at all income levels can participate. U.S. members also pay chapter dues that range from $25 to $173. Combined national and chapter dues range from $185 to $558, depending on the member's salary and location. AICP dues for U.S. members are also determined by salary and range from $100 to $190.

APA and AICP Member dues

Internationally: There are three tiers of APA and AICP annual dues for members outside the United States. APA dues range from $45 to $160; AICP dues from $35 to $110. International members do not pay chapter dues.

International dues

Special dues categories: APA rewards loyalty by offering reduced dues for Retired, Life, and unemployed members.

Not a Planner?

APA membership is open to everyone who is committed to applying the benefits of planning to create communities of lasting value.

Members of planning and zoning boards and commissions, appointed and elected officials, and full-time students are eligible for APA membership at reduced rates with enhanced benefits.

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