PAS Quicknotes is a series of briefing papers that provides planning fundamentals for public officials and engaged citizens.

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February 2016

Planning to Support Small Businesses

August 2016

Water Conservation Strategies

April 2016

Bike Sharing

October 2016

Sharing Planning Services

June 2016

Neighborhood Planning

December 2016

Ecosystem Services


February 2015

The Value of Planning

August 2015

Planning and Local Revenue Sources

April 2015

Local Control and Wireless Facilities Siting

October 2015

Tactical Urbanism

June 2015

Regulating Short-Term Rentals

December 2015

Community Benefits Agreements


February 2014

Business Improvement Districts

August 2014

Using Online Tools for Public Engagement

April 2014

Planning for Food Trucks

October 2014

The Local Comprehensive Plan

June 2014

Managing Zoning Nonconformities

December 2014

Parking Management


February 2013

Community CPTED

August 2013

Transforming the Built Environment in Support of Aging

April 2013

The Consistency Doctrine

October 2013

Floodplain Management

June 2013

Brownfield Redevelopment

December 2013

Promoting Access to Free, Potable Water in Public Places


February 2012

The Farmland Protection Toolbox

August 2012

Planning for Urban Forest Benefits

April 2012

Hiring a Consultant: RFQs and RFPs

October 2012

Planning for Solar Energy

June 2012

Zoning Ordinance Variances

December 2012

Conditional Uses


February 2011

Getting the Most Out of Staff Reports

August 2011

Integrating Sustainability into the Comprehensive Plan

April 2011

The Five Strategic Points of Intervention

October 2011

Integrating Health into the Comprehensive Plan

June 2011

Integrating Hazard Mitigation into the Comprehensive Plan

December 2011

Development Impact Fees


February 2010

Food Systems Planning

August 2010

Green Infrastructure

April 2010

Capital Improvements Programming

October 2010

Universal Design

June 2010

Environmental Justice and Land-Use Planning

December 2010

Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning


February 2009

Regulating On-Premise Signage

August 2009

Planning for Transit-Oriented Development

April 2009

Accessory Dwelling Units

October 2009

Understanding Planned Unit Development

June 2009

Tax Increment Financing

December 2009

Low-Impact Development


February 2008


August 2008


April 2008

Climate Change and Energy

October 2008

Transportation Planning

June 2008

Understanding Takings

December 2008

Plan Making


January 2007

Design Review

July 2007

Site Plan Review

April 2007


December 2007



January 2006

Conflicts of Interest for Planning Commissioners

July 2006

Zoning for Mixed Uses

April 2006

Complete Streets

December 2006

Inclusionary Housing


October 2004

Form-Based Zoning

December 2004

Public Notification of Land-Use Action

November 2004

Planning and the Media