Gender Mainstreaming

PAS QuickNotes 84

By Johamary Pena


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Gender mainstreaming is the process of identifying how decisions impact people by gender and using that information to make decisions that benefit all community members. It seeks to reduce adverse impacts that may result when program or policy decisions are made without gender considerations. When applied to planning practice, gender mainstreaming can lead to decisions that protect the integrity and dignity of all people.

This edition of PAS QuickNotes explains the concept of gender mainstreaming and summarizes how local officials and planners can begin integrating gender equity considerations into planning processes to help build more inclusive and just communities.


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Feb. 1, 2020
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American Planning Association

About the Author

Johamary Pena
Jo Peña is a Research Associate at APA. She provides research support on projects related to environmental health, regional planning, social equity, and community engagement. Jo was integral in developing the educational module that APA has created to help planners site Early Care and Educational Facilities on locations that are safe and prevents children's exposure to chemicals and contaminants.