Planning Magazine — Previous Editions

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Winter 2024

Planning Magazine Winter 2024 cover

The Winter issue debunks community engagement myths and shares tech tools that advance housing affordability. Learn what the pickleball craze can tell us about adaptive reuse, how to plan for equitable on-street EV charging, and why music should be a part of your economic development strategy.


Spring 2024

Planning Magazine Spring 2024 cover

Uncover the emerging strategies that help make planners exceptional leaders, facilitators, and communicators in the Spring issue. Learn about how a series of cutting-edge resilience projects used indicators of social inequity to drive sustainable investments. PLUS: 7 ways to manage conflict, expanding senior housing, viral urbanism, and open-source mapping.


Spring 2023

Planning Magazine Spring 2023 cover

The Spring issue offers forward-looking solutions to present-day challenges. Pete Buttigieg talks accessible public transit in an exclusive interview, a Florida community land trust builds new foundations for Black homeownership, and Planning investigates the 20-minute suburb, a fresh design concept that swaps sprawl for walkability.

Summer 2023

Planning Magazine Summer 2023 cover

The Summer issue highlights crucial perspectives on creating safe, accessible, and sustainable places. Planners in western states use land-use reform to address the water crisis, community partners transform a Tulsa food desert into an oasis, and author Rebekah Taussig shifts the story around disability. vehicles.

Fall 2022

Planning Magazine Fall 2023 cover

Download the Fall issue to learn about emerging practices on planning's horizon. Public transportation's post-pandemic recovery demands innovation, while the coliving trend stokes conversations about housing diversity. Take a lesson in futures literacy and see how queer urbanism can provide a new blueprint for inclusive places.


Winter 2022

The Winter issue tackles some of planning's biggest challenges. Learn about strategies to manage the in-demand curb, how climate change and the pandemic will affect gentrification, and which trends are shaping planning as we know it. PLUS: transforming a hotel into supportive housing, catching up with nonprofit BlackSpace, and 6 ways to make infrastructure more inclusive.


Spring 2022

The Spring issue shows how to adapt for the future. San Diego is transitioning to denser, transit-oriented development, while Charlotte offers tips for youth engagement around long-range planning. And tourism destinations share strategies for pandemic-proofing local economies.

Summer 2022

The Summer issue takes stock of some of the biggest trends in tech and policy. Advancements in LED lighting are powering a boom in more efficient, localized urban agriculture, while communities across the country are dropping parking minimums to catalyze development. And as cryptocurrencies fluctuate and social media platforms embrace NFTs, Planning asks: How might the blockchain impact our communities?

Fall 2022

Planning Magazine Fall 2022 cover

The Fall issue answers some of the planning profession's most pressing questions around equitable disaster recovery, housing affordability innovations, and mobility justice. Meanwhile, Planning highlights five planners-turned-politicians — and how they're addressing these issues in their own communities.


Winter 2021

In a time of massive flux, it can be hard to keep up — and know what to focus on. That's why Planning is taking a year-long look at the unexpected developments, existing challenges, and promising opportunities our communities are facing.

Spring 2021

The Spring edition of Planning magazine is all about adaption, agility, and flexibility. In this issue, planners repurpose old buildings into much-needed housing, create more inclusive public spaces, regulate newly legalized cannabis, and use digital twin city models to visualize the future.

Summer 2021

Planning Summer 2021 cover

The Summer edition of Planning magazine is chock-full of successful planning efforts and actionable information. In this issue, planners build EV charging networks, prepare their communities for data centers, support the informal economy, and zone for food security.

Fall 2021

Planning Fall 2021 cover

The Fall edition of Planning magazine wraps up our 2021 Disruptors series, with stories on overcoming public distrust about climate change, the rise of civic tech in planning practice, "mixed reality" planning tools, and regulating e-commerce warehouses.