Planning March 2016

Planning March 2016

Special Report: 21st Century Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive plans have long been the foundation of strong community planning, and today they are doing more than ever before. Also in this issue, designing the built environment with accessibility in mind, and the challenges of increasing density in the suburbs.

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Special Report: 21st Century Comprehensive Plan

A multipronged look at the evolution of this critical planning document


They aren't just for managing community growth anymore. Silvia Vargas and Nancy O'Neill explore comp plans' expanding influence.

Design for Everybody

Simple approaches — and thinking holistically — can make the built environment accessible for all, write Steve Wright and Heidi Johnson-Wright.


Comp plans are addressing new challenges more creatively than ever before, say Ben Herman and Darcie White.


Say goodbye to three-ring binders on a shelf. Ryan Holeywell tells us what’s next.

Density Island

A suburban area in Charleston, South Carolina, strives to be more compact, but it isn’t always easy. John Tibbetts reports.

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