Planning May 2017

Planning May 2017

Planning Honors the 2017 National Planning Award Winners

Planning reveals what's extraordinary about each of this year's five National Planning Excellence Award recipients and recognizes gold- and silver-level National Planning Achievement Award winners and the 2016 JAPA Article of the Year. Also in this issue, breakthroughs in planning practice: new uses for immersive environmental technologies, Esri's Green Infrastructure Initiative, and successful efforts to diminish urban light pollution.

Featured Articles

Using Your Illusion

Immersive environment technologies are taking planning to a whole new dimension. Story by Emily Schlickman and Anya Domlesky.

Dark Skies, Bright Future

Allen Best investigates cities fighting light pollution — and the policies helping them win.

Mapping for the Masses

Esri's new Green Infrastructure Initiative helps decode sustainability planning, Jonathan Lerner reports.

National Planning Awards

Planning celebrates the best and brightest in planning.



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