Planning May/June 2010

Planning May/June 2010

Special Issue on Transportation

PlanningCharging Ahead

Allen Best on the push for alternative fuels. A Sustaining Places story.

Sidebar: Other Contenders Vie for a Spot

Up in the Air

Jason Jordan reports on the status of federal transportation funding.

Catherine Ross Thinks Big

An interview with the author of Megaregions.

Redrawing Lines in the Sand

Abu Dhabi's new plans call for traffic calming and transit, writes Rudayna Abdo. Randall Salzman reports on Australia's TravelSmart program.

Sidebar: Gentle Persuasion in Australia

Walking Wins Out

Linda Baker says pedestrian streets are in style again. With Lawrence Houstoun's sidebar on mall history.

Sidebar: Give Pedestrian Malls a Second Look

Freight Finds Its Niche

An update on railroad logistics centers, by Jeffrey Spivak. This month's Planning Practice.

All in One

Intermodal transit terminals are all the rage, says Jeffery Brubaker.

Fixing the Strip

Kurt Culbertson's ideas for bringing life to declining retail corridors. With a sidebar on parking strategies by Vicky Gagliano.

Sidebar: Win-Win Parking Strategies


A regular column by Paul Farmer, FAICP, APA's Chief Executive Officer.


Medical marijuana, Seattle street greening.

Legal News

Housing cap, Boy Scout camp zoning.

By the Numbers

A monthly column on statistics in the news — compiled by APA's Research Department. This month: transportation.

Ever Green

Sharing our planet.


Planners Without Borders, healthy planning.

Planners Library

Gentrification, Addams and Burnham.


News reports, videos, blogs, etc.


The rest of the story.

Cover: Dallas Intermodal Terminal in Wilmer, Texas; photo by Kevin Brown, courtesy Union Pacific.