Planning June 2014

Planning June 2014

Frances Fox Piven surveys the origins and legacy of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

Elizabeth Kneebone and Cary Lou assess the changing landscape of race and poverty in the U.S.

In Miami, a transportation facility prompts a civil rights suit. By Susannah Nesmith.

No one knows cities better than planners. Jennifer Evans-Cowley and Brittany Kubinski report in Planning Practice. Sidebar by Dominick Ard'is and Lucas Lindsey.

In an adaptation from his new APA Planners Press book, Ignacio Bunster-Ossa ponders the legacy of his famous predecessor.

William Atkinson offers a status report on seismic codes. A Sustaining Places story.

Reid Ewing asks: Does sprawl help or hinder upward mobility?

Let's make public schools a priority.

Cover: President Johnson surveys riot damage from above in Washington, D.C., after Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination. Frank Wolfe/White House Photo Office Collection.