Planning August/September 2015

Planning August/September 2015

A Special Issue: Resilience!

The profession leans in on climate change: a report and commentary by James Schwab.

Jon Davis describes places that put "resilience" in their future. With a sidebar by Stephan Schmidt.

Chris Clair reports on the sometimes surprising aftermath of tragedy. Nicola Davis visits Chernobyl.

Matt Weiser visits Roseville, California, which takes flood preparation very seriously. With a sidebar by Andrea Watts.

In New Zealand, collaboration is key. By William Siembieda and Laurie Johnson.

The nation is struggling after a series of typhoons. Isabel Cañete-Medina visits her home country.

Madeline Bodin takes the measure of sea-level rise.

Tim Beatley focuses on Baltimore's Healthy Harbor Initiative.

Embracing paths as places.

Cover: Crescent Park opened in July along the Mississippi River in New Orleans. Photo by William Widner/Redux.