Planning November 2016

Planning November 2016


Towns like Middletown, New York, in the Hudson River Valley are revitalizing with the help of a regional not-for-profit planning group. Planner-trained stakeholders are spearheading projects to restore their cities’ deteriorated or underused assets to attract residents, tourists, and businesses. Their story and others ― about a planned 50-state bike route, success as a private-practice planner, and leaving Philadelphia’s transit tokens behind ― await you in the November issue of Planning.

Featured Articles

A Course in Small Town Revitalization

A regional planning organization in New York’s Hudson Valley helps a small class of stakeholders achieve success. Jonathan Lerner reports.

Goodbye, Golf?

With courses closing faster than they're opening, repurposing acreage is at the fore, writes Debbie Sullivan Reslock.

Private Practice Stories

Deborah L. Myerson interviews planners about what it takes to work on the other side of the desk.

Bikes Across America

Thomas Sullivan chronicles the efforts to build a national cycling network. Stacy Weisfeld provides a sidebar on bike valets.

Fare Game

Moving to a high-tech payment system is hardly a token gesture — Philadelphia is finding out it’s actually immensely complicated. By Jake Blumgart.


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