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Planning March 2013

Planning coverDiversity and Aging in America

Dowell Myers sees a new opportunity for planning leadership.

House Hunting

Are demographics destiny? Developers and others are betting the answer is 'yes.' Story Jeffrey Spivak; sidebar by JoAnn Greco.

Pension Poster Child

Rhode Island's smallest city emerges from bankruptcy by renegotiating its long-term obligations. W. Zachary Malinowski reports.

Building High-Speed Communities

Missouri tackles regional broadband planning. By Anna Read and Damon Porter.

In the Right Place

Iowa City uses GIS to site affordable housing — as Kristopher Ackerson explains in Planning Practice.

Resurrecting an Icon

Joelle Greenland visits Vermont to check on the overhaul of a seriously bad brownfields site. A Sustaining Places story.


A regular column by APA's CEO Paul Farmer.


State budget surpluses, fuel cells.

Legal News

Expanded takings, anti-snob statute.

By the Numbers

Statistics in the news, compiled by APA's Research Department. This month: disaster recovery.

Ever Green

Tim Beatley praises the Netherlands as a model of climate proofing.


Transportation funding, ethics.

Planners Library

Walking the walk, biking the routes.


New reports, blogs, videos, etc.


Putting land value to work.

Cover: Sabra Field's prints, "Cosmic Geometry," are among the works on display in an overhauled brownfield site in Springfield, Vermont; photo by Jennifer Hauck, Valley News.