Water and Planning Network


Over the last several years, APA's Water Working Group has been working to identify the needs and priorities of and provide resources to planners who are focused on water issues in their communities. As the Water Working Group sunsets in 2017, its members are forming an Interest Group — the Water and Planning Network.

The Water and Planning Network was officially launched at the 2017 National Planning Conference, where the work of the Water Working Group transitioned to the Water and Planning Network.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Water and Planning Network (WPN) is to provide a professional forum for the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and planning methods and will operate as a communications and information sharing network to connect members to the best planning practices that reflect current research, science, policy and technology regarding the protection, management and use of water resources and utilities.

Water is essential to life and the natural environment. It should be a central organizing element in a healthy and sustainable built environment, making planning for water an inherently interdisciplinary activity. Planners play a key role in shaping the location and form of development and conservation of the natural environment, as well as a natural role as conveners across disciplines.

The WPN will:

  • Promote a deeper understanding among planners about water science and engineering, and the ways in which land use, land development, and urban design significantly affect the health and integrity of the water environment.
  • Provide opportunities for planners to improve core skills, toolsets, and methods in order to manage water more sustainably and more equitably.
  • Create better and more frequent connections and engagement between planners, design professionals, and water professionals by establishing new mechanisms for interdisciplinary interaction.
  • Advance planning methods and interactions that support an integrated approach to water management, known as "One Water" management.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee serves as the Executive Committee for the Water and Planning Network. The committee provides opportunities for members to actively engage with the WPN. Steering Committee members shape activities, outreach, education, and content that help build connections between planners and water professionals and provide planners with opportunities to improve their skillsets related to water.

The committee is responsible for identifying and implementing activities that will help advance the goals of WPN, including planning an annual get together at the National Planning Conference.


Email water@planning.org if you are interested in joining the Water and Planning Network.


Water and Planning Connect

In September 2018, the WPN co-sponsored APA's first two-day topical conference, Water and Planning Connect. AICP members who were at the conference may claim CM credit for the educational sessions they attended. All may view the session PowerPoints.