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How is APA supporting you and other Emerging Professionals?

Here is a list of APA programs and services that you should know about. Make the most of your APA membership by going through this checklist with your mentor. Your mentor will be provided with the same checklist.

Are you active with your state APA Chapter?

Chapters are the gateway for expanding your network and finding internships/jobs. Many chapters have Young Planners Groups (YPGs) that you can join and offer opportunities for leadership, mentoring and resume building.

Are you a member of an APA Division?

Divisions are communities of professionals with shared interests, whether based on areas of planning or population. They are a perfect avenue to find a mentor who might not live in your state.

Are you enrolled in the Early Career Membership Program?

Have you visited APA's career website?

Visit Jobs Online to find jobs and internships. Look at the survey salary to compare compensation in different sectors and states.

Are you prepared to network with exhibitors?

There are over 60 exhibitors at the conference, many of them with potential job or internship openings. Work with your mentor to prepare for a professional, targeted conversation.

Are you aware of APA's list of sessions targeted at Emerging Professionals?

APA has developed a series of sessions and workshops dedicated to emerging professionals.

Do you know about student scholarships?

APA offers a variety of scholarships, grants, competitions and fellowships to eligible students.

Are you aware of APA resources available to Emerging Professionals?

There is information on career resources, networking and suggestions to supplement your studies.