Regional and Intergovernmental Planning

The Regional and Intergovernmental Planning Division studies metropolitan, regional, state, and national planning and ways to promote cooperation among them.

It speaks out on political issues and seeks to attract members who are knowledgeable in government and intergovernmental affairs.

The division's newsletter deals with such issues as taxation, public works, national strategic planning, and regional cooperation.


The Regional and Intergovernmental Planning Division exists to promote a sense of awareness and understanding of the interdependent nature of local, state, and federal levels of government in the planning and development of our nation's communities. This interdependence includes communities, both rural and urban, metropolitan and non-metropolitan. It most certainly includes planning and development at the multijurisdictional level, across local governmental boundaries in both metropolitan and nonmetropolitan areas. The further mission of the Regional and Intergovernmental Planning Division is to provide a forum and mechanism for the exchange of information, knowledge, and solutions among professional planners, appointed planning officials, and other allied groups and individuals involved in urban and regional planning.

Goals to Achieve Basic Mission

1. Promote the development of a "regional intergovernmental perspective" in planning through high quality national conference and other conference sessions, both by the Division and by other APA organizations."

2. Provide useful and timely communication to Division Members on a regular basis through various means, including a newsletter, an up-to-date web-page and other electronic and non-electronic means."

3. Evolve formal education and other training means relative to the " regional and intergovernmental perspective" in the urban and regional planning profession."

4. Support the comprehensive nature of urban and regional planning — physical, environmental, economic, and social — through technical, policy, and research activities focusing on the "intergovernmental perspective" in comprehensive planning.

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