The use of technology is integral to how communities are communicating and engaging their citizens to plan for the future. Rapidly evolving tools for community design and decision making are creating new opportunities to enhance public involvement, share information, and make more informed decisions in cities and towns throughout the country.

The American Planning Association (APA) Technology Division links you with others who share your interest in the use of technology in land use planning and community development. The division consists of members with a common interest in the uses and impact of technology in planning the future of our communities.

Our mission is to:

• Exchange information about planning applications that incorporate and are improved through the use of technology;

• Explore potential applications that may offer benefits to the profession;

• Inform and educate all members of the APA about solutions that work; and,

• Advocate for best practices in the use of technology to support planning.

Join and be part of an exciting effort to improve planning through the use of innovative technologies.

• Receive a newly redesigned quarterly newsletter with insightful articles that will inform your work

• Share your thoughts on and experiences with planning technology and learn from others testing and applying new applications in real planning situations

• Volunteer to help coordinate our sponsored sessions at the annual National Planning Conference and/or other Tech Division activities

• Participate in applied research activities

• Ask questions and receive answers from the experts about planning technology and applications

Join the Technology Division

WEBINAR: Create Smarter Cities: Online Technologies and Big Data for Planning

Monday, May 18, 2015
3:30–4:30 p.m. (ET)

Join the APA Technology Division and technology experts from the public and private sectors in learning how to create smarter cities using various online technologies and new data sources. Discover how these tools can be used for civic engagement and decision making in different types of planning projects. Learn how planning organizations can manage the opportunities and challenges of incorporating new technologies in current systems and discuss the considerations of collaborating with outside organizations for collecting new data sources, including citizen-generated data.


Smart Cities and Sustainability Task Force

The Smart Cities and Sustainability Task Force, which is a collaborative initiative between the Sustainable Communities, Technology, and Transportation Planning Divisions of APA, seeks to research and report on how technology advances are changing the field of planning and our communities, identify best practices, and demonstrate how planners can lead on these important changes.

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