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Spring 2019

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Call for Submissions

Planning and Technology Today, the newsletter of the American Planning Association's Technology Division, is seeking articles for upcoming issues. Distributed to about 700 practicing planners and designers, the newsletter is an ideal way to share cutting-edge projects.

The Technology Division provides experiment-based information for its members through publishing articles that intersect planning, design, and technology. We always look for new articles that help professional planners learn about novel experiments and approaches in the use of digital technologies. We are especially interested in the following broad topics:

  • Digital technologies for connecting urban planning and healthcare organizations
  • The use of digital technologies to enhance equity, social justice, and community development.
  • The use of new technologies for climate adaptation or disaster management.
  • Smart city approaches for planners
  • Novel interorganizational collaboration approaches for adopting smart technologies
  • Critical analysis of using planning support technologies and online tools in collaborative decision making.

We accept case study research, best practice analysis, critical views, idea papers, and review essays. The articles should be between 400-800 words with clear takeaways for professional planners. We do not accept promotional articles. Send inquiries and articles to Alireza Karduni and Jason Cheng, Newsletter co-Editors.

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