2020 National Planning Conference

Latina/o Migration & Informality-Lessons for Planners

Saturday, April 13, 2019 from 10:45 a.m. - noon PDT

CM | 1.25

Location: 2011

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  • Understand the how the informal economy works in Latino/a communities. .
  • Point to specific outreach strategies that can support informal Latino entrepreneurs to engage them in economic development efforts. .
  • Debunk the myths of the informal economy by demonstrating the importance it plays for Latina/o entrepreneurs.


While Latinas/os represent the largest racial minority group in this country, where they consist of over 57 millions citizens/residents in the U.S. In towns, cities, counties, regions and states, they contribute greatly to the social, economic and political vitality of these places. Despite their major contributions, Latinas/os have become the targets of racism from American leaders and millions of citizens. This session will focus on the informal economy that exists within the Latina/o community. We will focus on two examples of economic development approaches: Latina/o day laborers and informal Latina/o ranch owners. Both of these types of entrepreneurs contribute to a city’s local economy but planners aren’t well trained to outreach to these populations. Hence to counter racist and false narratives of Latina/os, our session with focus on how this racialized group, which includes citizens, residents and immigrants, represents an important segment in the economy.


Session Speakers

Alvaro Huerta
Organizer and Speaker
California State Polytechnic University - Pomona
Los Angeles, CA

Gerardo Sandoval
University of Oregon
Eugene, OR




Activity ID: NPC198235