2023 National Planning Conference

Why Attend NPC22?

San Diego, California | April 30–May 3, 2022

Online | May 18–20, 2022

Start With Three Great Reasons

Here's why planners around the country will be connecting, learning, and getting inspired at NPC22.

1. Collaboration Is More Valuable Than Ever: After so much isolation the past two years, planners need to reconnect with their peers. With grand challenges ahead, it's crucial to come together and hear diverse voices and perspectives to plan an inclusive future.

2. Your Communities Need You: Communities are looking to planners to help them manifest cities that are reflective of the people who live in them and supportive of the challenges those residents face. Both the NPC in-person and online events will give planners the inspiration and fresh ideas they need to serve their communities.

3. Get Inspired by San Diego: San Diego has a rich history and bright future. There is much for planners to learn from this port city that is bustling with logistics, cultural diversity, ecological beauty and environmental opportunities.

Making the Case to Attend

There are as many reasons to attend APA's National Planning Conference as there are planners. We're highlighting just 10 — five for you and five to help you make the case to your boss.

Reasons for You

1. Planning continues to evolve.

Each year, you can count on NPC to be the place where you and your fellow planners stay on the leading edge of urban design. We curate the most relevant content to make sure you conclude the conference with more knowledge, ideas and connections than when you started.

2. Your community awaits.

NPC is the perfect opportunity to grow your professional network — whether you are a recent grad or seasoned professional. Meet with planners from across the world, and hear from experts on an array of topics. NPC offers an array of networking opportunities from San Diego excursions to virtual networking events.

3. Someone's always hiring.

While your network is a great foundation for professional prospects, APA's Career Zone offers an even more targeted opportunity to meet prospective employers and make your best impression.

4. You'll learn a thing or two — or more!

With hundreds of sessions on a variety of topics, there's something for everyone to learn at NPC22. You can hone in on your specialty or get acquainted with something new. It's all here for you to explore.

5. Find the answers you've been searching for.

Nowhere else will you find a community like this at your fingertips. Whether you've been struggling with a challenge or just need some inspiration, you'll find planners from different backgrounds ready to help broaden your horizons.

Reasons for Your Boss

1. You'll stay current with industry changes.

You can only learn so much on the job — especially if you're not evolving your methods. Participating in one or both of NPC's experiences will allow you to keep pace with the planning industry as it changes.

2. You'll inspire your team.

It would be impossible to conclude NPC without new ideas and new perspectives. These will help you energize your team to think and plan differently.

3. You'll build a network of partners in planning.

When the unexpected occurs or you need an expert in a pinch, the connections you make at NPC could be the trusted partners you need.

4. You'll get to learn about new tools and tech.

The exhibit hall is full of solutions where you can demo tools and ask questions to truly understand what can work for you and your organization. Plus, hear in sessions from planners just like you who have used new tools to solve their planning challenges.

5. You'll save money ...

... if you register by March 31 to get our lowest registration rates!

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