Latinos and Planning

The Latinos and Planning Division held dialogos (Spanish for "dialogues") around the United States to identify critical planning issues.

We are building a diverse and supportive national network of planning, community, and policy professionals to address these issues.

We are working to influence planning organizations, funders, policymakers, academics and others to address the strategies identified in the dialogos.

Priority issues we've identified based on nationwide dialogos:

• Increase numbers of Latinos participating in planning in their communities

• Improve the ways urban planners understand and relate to the needs and desires of Latino communities

• Promote urban design that addresses needs of Latino communities

• Help empower Latino communities to build and implement plans for their communities

• Help facilitate continuously improving planning processes to provide and improve results for Latino community residents and stakeholders

• Help stakeholders connect relationship between redevelopment and gentrification in Latino communities and reduce impacts to every-day lives of citizens

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Monica Villalobos, Chair

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Dialogo on the Border

Best Practices in Community Engagement on the Texas/Mexico Border

Tuesday, October 29, 2013
11:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m. PT
CM | 1.5

Presented by the Regional and Intergovernmental Planning Division & Latinos and Planning Divisions

Hear about trends, issue and solutions from experts from the Texas/Mexico Border. Focus will be on lessons learned by planning practitioners, demographic realities, perceptions about poverty and isolation in border towns, and development strategies in the planning of border areas and using the arts and cultural expressions in the planning process.

Register online

For more information contact Veronica Soto at veronica.r.soto@gmail.com.