2019 National Planning Conference

AICP Community Planning Workshop: Claiborne Corridor

Saturday, April 21, 2018 from 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. CDT

CM | 2

Cost: $

Activity ID: NPC182308

Location: Mobile Workshop Departure Area

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    Housing and equity are major issues in New Orleans as are preserving the traditions that make the city unique. The city is still rebuilding after Katrina. They lost population, many deeply rooted to the area. Housing supply is inadequate. Newcomers, many young professionals, are migrating to the city. The demographic change is generating both economic and cultural effects. How can New Orleans evolve to meet the housing needs for a broad range of lifestyles, ages, and incomes while also retaining its traditions and distinctive way of life? That’s where you come in. Community participation is vital. Developing new ideas and putting creative solutions on the table for consideration is important. Join the community’s discussion and contribute to their process as an outside expert. The workshop focus is a Housing Plan for the Claiborne Corridor, which will kick off a series of neighborhood plans in the city. The intent is to translate overarching equity strategies to the neighborhood level and fully engage residents and stakeholders. This is a unique opportunity to get involved locally during the conference. Learn from residents and stakeholders directly in the Treme neighborhood. Share your knowledge and help achieve their vision for an equitable New Orleans.