APA 2021 Policy and Advocacy Conference

Frequently Asked Questions

September 29 – 30, 2021 | 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. EDT | Virtual

Event Information

What is the Policy and Advocacy Conference?

The 2021 Policy and Advocacy Conference is a virtual experience that brings Capitol Hill to you. Over two days, planners and professionals from around the country will have the opportunity to learn about critical issues facing planners including:

  • Zoning reform and planners' push for change that advances housing access and affordability
  • The federal transportation infrastructure program and its significant impact on local and regional planning efforts
  • The best approaches to combating climate change and planning's potential to influence the decisions and investments

You will* also have the unique opportunity to participate in Planners' Day on Capitol Hill from wherever you may be! During Planners' Day on Capitol Hill — where APA arranges meetings with your congressional offices — get the chance to join peers and you can share planning stories from your community as you advocate for the importance of planning and planning issues.

*See Registration Deadlines

When is the Policy and Advocacy Conference?

September 29–30. Watch sessions and network live on these dates.

What time zone does the schedule reflect?

All times are expressed in Eastern time.

Conference Program

What sessions are being held at the conference?

Our full conference platform will be available soon, but in the meantime, you can get a sneak peek at our Preliminary Program.

Will I be able to earn CM credits?

Yes! We're still finalizing the CM credits that will be available through the conference, but you can count on it being at least 10+! Stay tuned throughout the next week as we finalize this — we'll update on the conference website as soon as we can.


What are the registration rates for Policy and Advocacy Conference and what is included with registration?

Last Chance Registration – September 8 Through Conference

  • $200 for APA Members
  • $75 for APA Student Members
  • $275 for Nonmembers

When you register September 8 or later, you will have:



Is there any way I can still get the conference recordings even though it is now after September 7?

Yes! If you register after the September 7 All-Access deadline but still want access to the conference recordings following the conference, you can access them with a subscription to Passport, your ticket to the education, experiences, and connections that will take you where you want to go in your planning career.

Learn more about Passport

Can I still participate in Planners' Day on Capitol Hill if I register now?

Possibly — even probably!

How do I register for the Policy and Advocacy Conference?

Register online by visiting the Policy and Advocacy Conference registration page. For questions, please reach out to registrationchanges@planning.org.

How do I register a group for the Policy and Advocacy Conference?

If you have a group you'd like to register for the conference, we're here to assist! Just email us at registrationchanges@planning.org and we'll help you get your group registered.

I was planning to attend NPC20 in Houston and still have registration credits. How should I apply this credit for the 2021 Policy and Advocacy Conference?

If you have an APA credit you'd like to use toward your conference registration, don't register through the website. Instead, email us at registrationchanges@planning.org and we will help you to apply your credit. Then, wait to hear back from us on next steps.

I need to cancel or make changes to my registration. What is your cancelation policy?

If you must cancel, change, or transfer your registration, email registrationchanges@planning.org. You cannot cancel or transfer by phone or on social media. You may cancel your registration in writing and receive a full refund until September 14.

What is the deadline to register?

Although there is no deadline to register, we recommend registering as early as you can, especially if you want to participate in Planners' Day on Capitol Hill. While a meeting with your Member(s) of Congress was only guaranteed by the All-Access deadline of September 7, there may still be time to get yours scheduled. Plus, registering early gives you more time to access the on-demand trainings and resources we provide to get you fully prepared for Planners' Day.

Were there other deadlines/rates/offerings available before today?

Yes, the All-Access deadline of September 7 included the following:

All Access Registration – Register by September 7, 2021

  • $150 for APA Members
  • $50 for APA Student Members
  • $225 for Nonmembers

Registration by September 7 included:

  • A guaranteed meeting with your Member of Congress as part of Planners' Day on Capitol Hill*
  • On-demand preparatory trainings for Hill Day*
  • Access to all live conference activities
  • Access to all the recorded conference content through January 31, 2022

Planners' Day on Capitol Hill

What is Planners' Day on Capitol Hill?

This event is a series of meetings via video calls — and in rare cases, phone calls — with your congressional offices. APA arranges time for participants to have meaningful conversations, in small groups, with legislators and their staff about critical planning issues and the federal support planners need to create equitable, prosperous communities. This year, federal action on zoning reform is the focus of Planners' Day meetings.

Learn about all the ways APA simplifies and streamlines this experience to prepare you to make an impact during your meetings.

Meetings with Members of Congress could only be guaranteed if you registered by September 7, but we'll do everything we can to try to get you scheduled in if you register now.

Do I need to register for Planners' Day on Capitol Hill separately?

No. When you register for the conference, you will be asked if you want to participate in Planners' Day on Capitol Hill. By answering yes, you are letting us know that you want APA to schedule a meeting with your congressional offices.

If you already registered and now want to participate in Planners' Day on Capitol Hill, please let us know. For guaranteed participation in this event, you must have registered by September 7.

Can I still participate in Planners' Day on Capitol Hill when I register after September 7?

Possibly — even probably!

  • If you already registered and didn't opt in to Planners' Day at the time, email us at registrationchanges@planning.org as soon as possible to request participation in Planners' Day.
  • If you're not yet registered, register on the website and indicate you want to participate in Planners' Day.

Either way, we'll do our best to arrange meetings with your representatives. We'll also make sure you get access to the preparatory training to get you ready.

How likely is it that I will actually get a meeting with my Member(s) of Congress? Do you think I will get one?

APA will try to get everyone a meeting and will do our best to get you in with your Member(s) of Congress, even after September 7, however we cannot guarantee a meeting at this stage. That said, your chances are high — go for it! Chances are better the sooner you sign up, so sign up today!

Is there an additional cost associated with Planners' Day on Capitol Hill?

No. Planners' Day on Capitol Hill and APA-scheduled meetings with Members of Congress are included in your Policy and Advocacy conference registration.

How will a remote Planners' Day on Capitol Hill work this year?

As in previous years, APA will arrange meetings with your congressional offices. On-demand training is available to all participants to help you prepare for your meetings, as well as live help-desk hours in the Capitol Hill Lounge during the conference. You will meet with your legislative office one-on-one or with a group of your peers from your area. You will also be assigned a meeting leader to help you navigate your Senate meetings. Be on the lookout this month for an invitation to a pre-planning call where your team will decide what local stories to lift up to drive home APA's pro-reform message.

How do I know if/when my meetings are scheduled?

APA's partner, Advocacy Associates, will let you know. You will receive an email from advocacyday@advocacyassociates.com on Friday, September 17 with your meeting itinerary, information for how to access your Planners' Day meetings, and who you will be joining with you in your Planners' Day meetings.

How do I prepare for Planners' Day on Capitol Hill?

APA has prepared a series of brief on-demand trainings to help you get ready for your meetings. Whether you're a first-timer to the Hill or a seasoned advocate, APA has numerous resources to ensure you are prepared.

We'll help get you 100% ready to use your voice for change through:

  • On-demand training videos
  • Scripted talking points and leave-behinds for your Congressional office
  • Pre-planning call with Senate meeting leads
  • Capitol Hill Lounge day-of support

Once you are registered for Planners' Day, we'll email you with links to the training hub so you can prepare. To access the trainings, keep an eye on your email inbox for our "time to prepare for Planners' Day" messages!