Planning Home Case Study: Houston, Texas

Resilience Roundtable: Disaster Recovery

In the new APA Podcast series, Resilience Roundtable, host Rich Roths, AICP, talks with planners and allied professionals who make resilience their mission, even in the face of devastating natural hazards.

John Henneberger

In this episode of Resilience Roundtable, host Rich Roths, AICP, chats with John Henneberger, an expert on low-income housing issues, a 2014 MacArthur Fellow, and the codirector of Texas Housers, a nonprofit that advocates for equitable disaster recovery policy and practices.

Roths and Henneberger discuss the disproportionate impact of Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Harvey on low-income neighborhoods of color, as well as the importance of giving disaster survivors a sense of agency through planning. Henneberger also speaks to the innovative ways disaster recovery needs are being met in various Texas counties, spotlighting the system RAPIDO, a temporary-to-permanent housing model that gives owners of the property more control over the rebuilding process.


Caption: Houses in Houston suburb flooded from Hurricane, August 2018
Credit: Banphote Kamolsanei, iStock/Getty Images Plus

Hurricane flooding in a Houston suburb, August 2018. Photo by Banphote Kamolsanei, iStock/Getty Images Plus.