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In planning, architecture, and engineering fields; desire lines represent a record of civil disobedience, where pedestrians ignore formal routes in favor of short cuts, or more efficient (unplanned) paths in and around public or private spaces. They provide feedback to project designers on where people naturally walk and what may have been a more efficient route from one place to another. They represent human nature's boldness and our desire for choice, and manifest in our environment as well-worn ribbons of dirt or beaten trails off a sidewalk.

They are not pretty; They are meaningful.

Those who are independent enough to begin a new path, flatten the grass, and leave behind evidence of their choice can write their own story in the built environment. These stories represent the core mission of our company: understanding the individuality of people and cultures and fitting plans, projects, grants, and programs to reflect the path they desire to take in the most efficient (and effective) manner possible. We are change agents focused on action and movement with a keen appreciation for difference, individuality, and nuance.

We understand the political and legislative mechanisms at local, state, and federal levels; constraints associated with public work, increased flooding, financial, and hiring issues; and have a demonstrated history of developing feasible approaches and projects that work in alignment with local conditions and enhance the quality of life for public servants, area residents and businesses.

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Planning Specialties
Community or Neighborhood Development   •   Comprehensive, Master or Long-Range Planning   •   Downtowns and Main Streets   •   Economic Development and Revitalization   •   Environmental and Natural Resources Planning   •   Equity/Diversity-Based Planning   •   Feasibility Studies   •   Hazard Mitigation, Disaster Recovery, or Resiliency   •   Housing Policy, Design, or Implementation   •   Land-Use and Development Regulation and Zoning   •   Mixed-Use Development Planning   •   Pedestrian and Bicycle Infrastructure/Active Transportation   •   Streetscape/Corridor Improvements and Beautification   •   Sustainability or Climate Protection Planning   •   Visioning and Placemaking
Services Offered
Code Writing   •   Community Engagement   •   On-Call Planning Services   •   Plan Creation or Updates   •   Project Management   •   Research and Analysis   •   Technology Services   •   Urban Design Services   •   Zoning Administration/Development Services
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Women Owned