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Darrin Punchard is a nationally recognized expert and pioneer in the field of hazards planning. For over 25 years he has worked to prevent natural hazards from becoming disasters. His accomplishments extend from some of the nation’s earliest hazard mitigation plans to more recent innovations, including integrating resilience throughout the District of Columbia’s Comprehensive Plan, and a first-of-its -kind State Hazard Mitigation & Climate Adaptation Plan for Massachusetts. He’s led the development of pivotal guidance and resources for planners, such as the federal Local Mitigation Planning Handbook, and he was instrumental in forming APA’s Hazard Mitigation and Disaster Recovery Planning Division.

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Darrin Punchard, FAICP, CFM is an urban planning and resilience strategy consultant who has spent his career working to prevent natural hazards from becoming disasters. For over 25 years he has combined his unique blend of expertise in community planning, hazard mitigation, climate adaptation, and disaster recovery to help clients solve their greatest risk and resilience challenges. Darrin prepared some of the nation’s first hazard mitigation plans in compliance with the US Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000 and has since assisted hundreds of communities in similar efforts, with emphasis on integrated and participatory planning processes. He is a co-founder of APA’s Hazard Mitigation & Disaster Recovery Division, and he served six years on the board of directors for the National Hazard Mitigation Association.


224944 | University of Florida
Graduation Date: August, 1997
Degree Level: Graduate
Planning Degree

University of Rhode Island
Graduation Date: August, 1995
Degree Level: Undergraduate