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For Your August Recess Advocacy 

Move the needle on surface transportation reauthorization

Congress is working on legislation that will replace the FAST Act, our current surface transportation law that expires in 2020. Use the following tools to advocate for the policy ideas & funding that will lead to greater places for all. 

Congressional August Recess Advocacy Briefing | August 6, 2019

APA Policy Director Jason Jordan and Public Affairs Manager Emily Pasi detail the current legislative status of transportation reauthorization and T-HUD appropriations, the key players, and how to influence the legislative outcomes of the two closely connected debates.

What Is Appropriations?

What Is Reauthorization?

Election 2018: Impacts for Planning | November 29, 2018

APA's Policy and Advocacy team breaks down how Congress will change after the 2018 midterm elections, the outcomes of state races and local planning measures, and how you can stand up for federal programs that support housing and transportation, urban farming and rural communities, and parks.

Farm Bill Legislative Briefing | July 31, 2018

Learn about differences between the Senate and House versions of the Farm Bill, how the final bill could impact local planning efforts, and what planners can do now to shape the debate in Congress.

Opportunity Zones: Engaging as Planners | March 8, 2018

What are opportunity zones, why should planners be active on the issue, and what can advocates do in the short term?

Advancing APA's Legislative Priorities in 2018 | February 15, 2018

How threatening are the administration's budget proposal for FY 2019, the President's infrastructure plan, and Congress's ongoing FY 2018 appropriations process to our communities?

Federal Legislation Analysis: Autonomous Vehicles | November 7, 2017

How are major federal government stakeholders addressing developments in AV policy?

Congress Sets the Budgetary Process in Motion | July 25, 2017

The congressional appropriations process is officially under way. What does that mean for previously endangered programs, and where are we in the FY 2018 appropriations process?

Analyzing the President's Budget | March 29, 2017

What was proposed in the Trump administration's FY 2018 budget proposal, how could this budget impact planners, and what can planning advocates do moving forward?

Advocacy Classroom

Watch Advocacy 101 videos to learn how to best craft your message to advance smart federal planning policies.

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