In Memoriam: Robert Einsweiler, FAICP

Robert Einsweiler and son Lee Einsweiler at an APA conference.

Robert Einsweiler, left, inspired many to pursue a career in the planning field — including his son, Lee Einsweiler.

APA notes with sorrow the passing of former APA and AIP President Robert Einsweiler, FAICP, on July 4, 2019.

With a career spanning over 30 years, Einsweiler made significant contributions to the planning field though his research for public action in growth management, environmental planning, shared power, land value capture, and strategic planning. He will also be remembered for his leadership in building Twin Cities Metro planning and governance, the University of Minnesota's Planning Program, and the research program of the Lincoln Institute.

Einsweiler served as governor of the American Institute of Planners (AIP) before being named AIP President in 1973. A long-time member of the American Planning Association, he also served as APA President from 1983–84. In 2003, Einsweiler was inducted as an AICP Fellow. He was nominated by a Special Nominating Committee of the College of Fellows — one of only eight people to be nominated and inducted this way.

Through his dedicated work and leadership, Robert Einsweiler devoted his life to the advancement of the planning profession. He will be greatly missed.

July 15, 2019