Advanced Specialty Certification

Just as doctors need to demonstrate their expertise and knowledge within specialized fields of medicine, so do planners in specialized fields of planning. This is what the Advanced Specialty Certification program does. AICP's advanced specialty certifications recognizes certified planners for their expertise and leadership in their chosen specialization. No additional membership dues are paid by members holding the new certifications.

The three advanced certifications are:

Hiring an AICP CEP, AICP CTP, or AICP CUD planner can ensure that services are being provided by a professional who demonstrates a commitment to professionalism and ethical conduct, continuing education, and proper training.

Those considering an ASC credential must:

  • Be AICP-credentialed planners who have fulfilled voluntary requirements for certification by the American Instititue of Certified Planners, APA’s Professional Institute
  • Be recognized as members in good standing
  • Have demonstrated at least eight years of work experience in their fields
  • Have passed a rigorous exam

ASC adds credibility to a planner's qualifications. An ASC planner understands the science behind policy and has the knowledge to develop creative approaches to balancing economic and environmental conditions, population, and quality of life.

I highly recommend ASC to other urban planners and environmental planners. Planners need to ensure that city plans reflect concepts for sustainability and preservation of environmental quality. ASC provides an additional level of credibility to the role of the City Planner in the development process.

—Lori Trottier, AICP CEP

The CTP credential separates you from the pack. It demonstrates your knowledge and commitment to your specialty field. Planners should pursue advanced specialty certification if they are committed to their practice. For someone who has the passion and motivation to be an industry leader, absolutely yes!

—Catherine LaFata,  AICP CTP

Advanced Specialty Certification offers the public a greater level of confidence when selecting or working with a planner by helping to ensure a specific area of expertise.

I strongly recommend Advanced Specialty Certification as a way of continuing to demonstrate a planner’s skills and competence as the fields of planning and design become increasingly more complex.

—Jonathan Henney, AICP CUD

2016 ASC Exams

Click here to register for the May 2016 ASC exams.

The application window for May 2016 is closed.


Your complete guide to earning an ASC credential. Get full details on: exam qualifications, application process, exam fees, test appointments, preparation, transfers and cancellations.


APA’s ASC exams were developed in conjunction with Prometric. Get an overview on the proven test development process that guided creation of the exams.

Certification Maintenance

AICP members who become AICP CEF, AICP CTP, or AICP CUD must comply with AICP’s Certification Maintenance requirements and remain members of the Institute to maintain the credential.

  • A minimum of 10 of the 32 CM required credits per reporting period must be on the topic of transportation, environmental planning, or urban design.
  • Credits may be self-reported (limit of 8) or earned through a registered CM provider and must be recorded in the member's personal CM log.
  • Training should be at an advanced level but will not be uniquely approved or identified as such on the AICP CM Calendar. Each member is responsible for determining the level of training that is appropriate for his or her particular situation.

The Latest AICP Members to Earn ASC Designation

AICP Certified Environmental Planner

Robert Edgerton, AICP CEP
Folsom, California

Bonnie Franson, AICP CEP
Monroe, New York

Edward F. Lynch, AICP CEP
New Rochelle, New York

Patricia A. Rosend, AICP CEP
Fairfax, Virginia

Mark A. Towne, AICP CEP
Thousand Oaks, California

Lori E. Trottier, AICP CEP
Newport Coast, California

AICP Certified Transportation Planner

Jamie Tunnell Bents, AICP CTP
Oak Park, Illinois

Seong-Youn Choi, AICP CTP
Pasadena, California

Ryan Lane Guffey, AICP CTP
Tallahassee, Florida

Bruce Lawrence Kaplan, AICP CTP
Boston, Massachusetts

Nickalus Lepp, AICP CTP
Orlando, Florida

William Francis Lyons Jr., AICP CTP
Boston, Massachusetts

Celia McAdam, AICP CTP
Auburn, California

Thomas B. Rickert, AICP CTP
St. Charles, Illinois

Trish Wallace, AICP CTP
San Antonio, Texas

AICP Certified Urban Designer

Matthew J. Ashby, AICP CUD
Cheyenne, Wyoming

Trevor T. Barger, AICP CUD
Tempe, Arizona

Jonathan D. Henney, AICP CUD
Louisville, Kentucky

Adam Light, AICP CUD
Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

Kimberly Selby, AICP CUD
Seattle, Washington

David A. Wade, AICP CUD
El Dorado Hills, California