Advanced Specialty Certification

Advanced Specialty Certification Update

Following a 2017 AICP Commission vote, Certified Environmental Planner, Certified Transportation Planner, and Certified Urban Designer credential applications are no longer being accepted. However, the Advanced Specialty Credentials (ASCs) are still supported and recognized in the same way they have been.

Former AICP President, Glenn Larson, AICP, provided more information about the ASCs in his July 2017 blog post.

About Advanced Specialty Certification

AICP Certified Environmental Planner (CEP), AICP Certified Transportation Planner (CTP), or AICP Certified Urban Designer (CUD) members are not only credentialed in planning, they are experts in their specific fields. They demonstrate specialized knowledge and training, are committed to the profession and ethical conduct and practice ongoing education.

Hiring a planner with an Advanced Specialty Certification helps ensure that your organization can provide specialized services to clients and communities with professionalism, ethical standards, and the right skillset.

A planner who holds an ASC credential:

  • Has earned the AICP Advanced Specialty Certification by demonstrating the required education, experience, and specialized knowledge and skills
  • Maintains the credential by participating in continuing education and upholding ethical practice
  • Has at least eight years of work experience in their field of expertise
  • Has verified their knowledge of planning by passing a rigorous exam and confirmed their expertise by passing an additional domain-specific exam

Advanced Specialty Certificate Holders

AICP CEP certified environmental planner

Neil J. Angus, FAICP CEP

James E. Barnes, AICP CEP

Dennis A. Bechtel, AICP CEP

Glen A. Belnay, AICP CEP

Brian P. Bender, AICP CEP

Stephanie Blanco, AICP CEP

Michael E. Brusseau, AICP CEP

Craig Casper, AICP CEP CTP

Patrick Cleary, AICP CEP

William E. Couch, AICP CEP

Kevin F. Coyle, AICP CEP

Erin A. Degutis, AICP CEP

Michael J. DeRosier, AICP CEP

Paul M. Drake, AICP CEP

Robert Edgerton, AICP CEP

Lesli K. Ellis, AICP CEP

John J. Farrell, AICP CEP

Douglas T. Feremenga, AICP CEP

Peter A. Flinker, FAICP CEP CUD

Marc A. Foster, AICP CEP

William P. Fritz, AICP CEP

Stephanie Gallagher, AICP CEP

Gordon R. Gaste, AICP CEP

Peter W. Gower, AICP CEP

John J. Guenther, AICP CEP

Richard J. Hoch, AICP CEP

Kevin T. Hughes, AICP CEP

R. Porter Ingrum, AICP CEP

Janice Jijina, AICP CEP

Christa Jordan, AICP CEP

Jeff Kane, AICP CEP

Charles E. Kessler, AICP CEP

Derek S. Koellmann, AICP CEP

Sandra Lee, AICP CEP

Abe Leider, AICP CEP

Jacquelyn Lynch, AICP CEP

Kevin R. Maddoux, AICP CEP

Patrick M. Marchman, AICP CEP

Andy G. Markos, AICP CEP

Kristin B. Maseman, AICP CEP

George H. McKibbon, AICP CEP

Richard Miller, AICP CEP

Laurence Miner, AICP CEP

Jacob P. Noonan, AICP CEP

Kim Gennaro Oancea, AICP CEP

Catherine Pagano, AICP CEP

Maureen Paz De Araujo, FAICP CTP CEP

Theresa Pinto, AICP CEP

David J. Plante, AICP CEP

Joseph P. Power, AICP CEP

Richard P. Quasarano, AICP CEP

Patty W. Riley, AICP CEP

Leslie Robbins, AICP CEP

Raymond Robinson III, AICP CEP

Patricia A. Rosend, AICP CEP

Sage S. Schaan, AICP CEP

Anthony J. Scolaro, AICP CEP

Nan C. Stolzenburg, FAICP CEP

Mark A. Towne, AICP CEP

Lori E. Trottier, AICP CEP

Lance Unverzagt, AICP CEP

Andrea Urbas, AICP CEP CUD

Craig S. Vassel, AICP CEP

Jason R. Wager, AICP CEP

Cory H. Wilkinson, AICP CEP

Douglas V. Winkler, AICP CEP

Nancy D. Woltering, AICP CEP

Keith J. Woodcock, AICP CEP CUD

Jackie C. Young, AICP CEP

Shellie M. Zias-Roe, AICP CEP

AICP CTP certified transportation planner

David Ausherman, AICP CTP

Robert D. Balmes, AICP CTP

Charles P. Barmby, AICP CTP

Nityananda Basu, AICP CTP

Jamie T. Bents, AICP CTP

Robert S. Brown, AICP CTP

Anthony Bruzzone, AICP CTP

Dan Burke, AICP CTP

Wesley L. Burket, AICP CTP

Kimberly A. Burton, AICP CTP

Craig Casper, AICP CEP CTP

Simon Choi, AICP CTP

Lethal E. Coe, AICP CTP

Chris Comeau, FAICP CTP

Laurie Cummings, AICP CTP

Matthew M. Day, AICP CTP

Robert W. Deaton, AICP CTP

Matthew D. Dyrdahl, AICP CTP

James A. Garofalo, AICP CTP

Philip N. Greenwald, AICP CTP

Ryan L. Guffey, AICP CTP

Dharm Guruswamy, AICP CTP

Scarlet R. Hammons, AICP CTP

Bjorn E. Hansen, AICP CTP

Ryan W. Head, AICP CTP

Matthew Hermen, AICP CTP

Carlos Hernandez, AICP CTP

Raymond Hess, AICP CTP

Darrell L. Howard, AICP CTP

Martin D. Hull, AICP CTP

Elizabeth D. Hynes, AICP CTP

Aaron Iverson, AICP CTP

Andrew K. Jackson, AICP CTP

Hal R. Johnson, AICP CTP

Alexander E. Kalamaros, AICP CTP

Bruce L. Kaplan, AICP CTP

J. Allen Kemplen, AICP CTP

Lawrence J. Kirch, AICP CTP

John C. Kopp, AICP CTP

Caroline E. Lanford, AICP CTP

Michael D. Larson, AICP CTP

Nickalus Lepp, AICP CTP

Alfredo R. Lopez, FAICP CTP

Lesley D. Lowe, AICP CTP

William F. Lyons, CTP AICP

Suzanne T. Mack-Magro, AICP CTP

Celia McAdam, FAICP CTP

Andrew J. McClurg, AICP CTP

Robert W. McHaney, AICP, CTP

Oliver Miller, AICP CTP

Thomas R. Murphy, AICP CTP*

Zoe Neaderland, AICP CTP

Calvin C. Nelson, AICP CTP

Mike Nilsson, AICP CTP

Steve Noble, AICP CTP

Theodore Orosz, AICP CTP

Robin W. Owen, AICP CTP

Costa Pappis, AICP, CTP

Chester A. Parsons, AICP CTP

Maureen Paz De Araujo, FAICP CTP CEP

Edward S. Peralta, AICP CTP

Benito O. Perez, AICP CTP

Joel Pfundt, AICP CTP

John M. Podczerwinsky, AICP CTP

Daniel L. Prevost, AICP CTP

William E. Pugh, AICP CTP

Cara S. Radzins, AICP CTP

Richard Ravit, AICP CTP

Paula J. Reeves, AICP CTP

Bruce J. Richards, AICP CTP

Thomas B. Rickert, AICP CTP

Jennifer Savage, AICP CTP

Michael L. Schmitt, AICP CTP

Jeff R. Schwein, AICP CTP

Michael Singleton, AICP CTP

Atma Ram Sookram, AICP CTP

Margaret T. Storrow, AICP CTP

Jennifer A. Stults, AICP CTP

Theresa A. Szymanis, AICP CTP

Elizabeth E. Teague, AICP CTP

Ray S. Tomczak, AICP CTP

Diana E. Vargas, AICP CTP

Charles J. Wade, AICP CTP

Trish Wallace, AICP CTP

Thomas M. Whalen, AICP CTP

Leonard Wolfenstein, AICP CTP

AICP CUD certified urban designer

Cynthia J. Albright, FAICP CUD, GISP

Trevor T. Barger, FAICP CUD

Christopher P. Barry, AICP CUD

Constance C. Bodurow, AICP CUD

Kevin Chavous, AICP CUD

Harvey Clark, Jr, AICP CUD

Ignacio Correa-Ortiz, AICP CUD

Carrie J. Davis, AICP CUD

Andrew Dobshinsky, AICP CUD

Ela Dokonal, AICP CUD

Kyle Ezell, FAICP CUD

Jason R. Ficht, AICP CUD

Peter A. Flinker, FAICP CEP CUD

Matthew J. Flis, AICP CUD

Robert P. Franke, AICP CUD

Dennis G. Goderre, AICP CUD

Claire E. Hempel, AICP CUD

Jonathan D. Henney, AICP CUD

Fred Heyer, AICP CUD

John R. Hixenbaugh III, AICP CUD

Karen A. Hundt, FAICP CUD

Michael A. Kowski, AICP CUD

Adam Light, AICP CUD

Bennett W. Mark, AICP CUD

J. Kent Marsh, AICP CUD

Michael E. Nichols, AICP CUD

Gerhard B. Pagenstecher, AICP CUD

Matthew C. Panfil, AICP CUD

Ken Pirie, AICP CUD

Lina M. Rodriguez, AICP CUD

Vaneetha S. Ross, AICP CUD

Shawn Schaefer, AICP CUD

Andrew J. Schwartz, AICP CUD

Kimberly Selby, AICP CUD

Douglas R. Shaw, AICP CUD

Donald P. Shockey, AICP CUD

Janet B. Shull, AICP CUD

Mark W. Soden, AICP CUD

Merrill St. Leger, AICP CUD

Andrea Urbas, AICP CEP CUD

David A. Wade, AICP CUD

Keith J. Woodcock, AICP CEP CUD

Kuei-Kang Wu, AICP CUD


* denotes deceased