National Planning Achievement Awards 2013

In addition to the 18 Planning Excellence Awards presented this year, 12 Achievement Award recipients were selected by the awards jury as examples of good planning work. The Achievement recipients were recognized collectively at the Awards Luncheon held during APA's National Planning Conference.

National Planning Achievement Award for a Best Practice

Model Design Manual for Living Streets

Los Angeles, California

The Model Design Manual for Living Streets is a development plan for Los Angeles that will provide guidance for replacing existing road standard manuals with updated techniques and concepts. This is one of the first street models that will focus on streets in a general way including landscaping, mobility, design, and the public involvement process.

National Planning Achievement Award for a Best Practice

Seattle Healthy Living Assessment Tool

Seattle, Washington

Seattle's Neighborhood Planning team developed the Health Living Assessment (HLA) to consider health prior to beginning a planning process. The plan features an overall health-based "framework for planning," 16 health indicators that identify linkages between health and the physical environment, and inclusive engagement tools.

National Planning Achievement Award for Economic Planning & Development

Energize Clinton County, Clinton County Regional Planning

Clinton County, Ohio

The economic crisis took its toll on Clinton County with nearly 9,000 citizens losing their jobs. The Clinton County Regional Planning Commission (CCRPC) collaborated with Energize Clinton County and began to focus on local business, young professionals, local food, energy, and visioning. Taking a holistic approach, the planning commission addressed all five issues as a collaborative effort.

National Planning Achievement Award for Economic Planning & Development

Crystal City Sector Plan

Arlington County, Virginia

After nearly 40 years, the Arlington County Board in Virginia passed a pioneering plan that allows the use of economic analysis for planning purposes, specifically targeting the study of demolishing and replacing major commercial buildings. The plan will transform Crystal City — which due to the BRAC 2005 round was projected to experience 3.2 million square feet of office vacancies and nearly 13,000 job losses — into a 40-year plan that will result in 20,000 new jobs and 14,000 new residents.

National Planning Achievement Award for Economic Planning & Development

SKIA Subarea Plan for Eco-Industrial Center

Bremerton, Washington

The City has implemented a plan advocating and encouraging economic development and environmental stewardship. Adhering to the eco-industrial approach, the plan attempts to facilitate the growth of mutually dependent industries that boost economic development enhancing environmental stewardship.

National Planning Achievement Award for Environmental Planning

San Pablo General Plan Health Element

San Pablo, California

The San Pablo City Council added a new Health Element to the city's 2030 General Plan Update, the first of its kind throughout the entire state. The role of the plan, which is to realistically and achievably put people and their health first, focuses on factors such as behaviors and lifestyles, income, education, employment and working conditions, access to health services, nutrition, and the quality of physical environments.

National Planning Achievement Award for Implementation

Making Complete Streets a Reality in New Jersey

New Jersey Department of Transportation

Considered a Pedestrian Safety Focus State by FHWA, the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) has undertaken a Complete Streets initiative to improve the overall safety and mobility of pedestrians, cyclists, and transit passengers. Through outreach, training, and planning and designing the transportation infrastructure, the Complete Streets initiative signals a transformational variation in the culture of, and practice of roadway design, and user accommodation in New Jersey.

The Pierre L'Enfant International Planning Achievement Award

Urban Renewal Brisbane — 20 Years

Brisbane, Australia

Australia's longest running urban renewal program — and one of the country's most successful — the Urban Renewal Brisbane (URB) has managed to transform rundown and forgotten spaces into developed and flourishing mixed neighborhoods for the past 20 years. Through an integrated process of stakeholder engagement, detailed planning, program development and implementation, URB has succeeded in bringing economic life and vitality back to Brisbane's inner-city.

National Planning Achievement Award for Public Outreach

Legacy 2030 Plan Public Outreach and Involvement

Winston-Salem/Forsyth County, North Carolina

The Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Planning Department in North Carolina wanted to allow their citizens more access and input into the updating of their comprehensive plan and used a multi-pronged approach that included a film series, music video, meetings, and an interactive website. Through these efforts the department encouraged citizens to participate in the comprehensive plan update.

National Planning Achievement Award for Transportation Planning

Minnesota's Mississippi River Trail Bikeway

Minnesota Department of Transportation

The Mississippi River Trail is nearly 800 miles, passes through approximately 70 cities, 20 counties, 90 townships and two reservation and tribal lands. In 2010, the Minnesota Department of Transportation convened and worked collaboratively with stakeholders to establish, market, and create bicycle friendly communities along the 800 mile route. The idea behind the trail bikeway was to enhance quality of life and promote economic development.

National Planning Achievement Award for Transportation Planning

Seeger Transportation Planning

Ames, Iowa

Noticing that communities were having a difficult time creating a Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program, Associate Professor and Extension Specialist, Christopher J. Seeger, developed the innovative, participatory I-WALK process to help communities identify and collect information on all of the steps involved in a simpler way.

National Planning Achievement Award for Urban Design

Waterfront Seattle Concept Design and Framework Plan

Seattle, Washington

The Concept Design and Framework Plan for Seattle's Central Waterfront is a roadmap for reconnecting central Seattle to Elliott Bay. The Concept Design implements Seattle's Comprehensive Plan and plans for the Downtown, Pioneer Square, and Belltown — all of which prioritize waterfront access.