2014 National Planning Excellence Awards: Communications Initiative

ACCESS Magazine

Los Angeles, California

ACCESS article – 'Worldwide Bikesharing'

ACCESS Magazine reports on research at the University of California Transportation Center and presents it in a readable format so it useful for policy makers and planning practitioners. ACCESS was started in 1993 by University of California Berkeley planning professor Mel Webber to bridge the gap between transportation research and policy.

Authors of academic research published in a professional journal may write an abridged version for publication in ACCESS. The magazine's editors work with authors to translate academic, technical jargon into understandable, reader-friendly prose. The biannual publication has more than 8,500 subscribers from around the world and attracts more than 1,000 website visitors each month. Several ACCESS articles also have been translated and published in the Chinese journal, Urban Transport of China. After more than 20 years, ACCESS continues to help eliminate the gap between transportation research and policy makers.