National Planning Achievement Gold Award for Implementation

Implementation of Lewisville 2025 Vision Plan

Lewisville, Texas

"Big Moves" Toward the Future

Defining a Community Vision

With the city's 100th anniversary approaching in 2025, residents of Lewisville, Texas, saw an opportunity to come together and define a vision for the future of their community. What began as a grassroots effort led by 50 resident volunteers soon became a city-wide engagement to gather as many suggestions, ideas, and comments from the public as possible.

From these comments, the Lewisville 2025 Vision Plan identified nine "Big Moves," representing nine areas of focus, where the city can make the most impact by 2025. The vision plan is the recipient of a 2020 National Planning Achievement Award for Implementation.

Rather than a traditional comprehensive plan format, Lewisville 2025 ensures that each Big Move serves as a strategic guide for all city departments to move the city forward. Innovations like a nine-person steering committee, real time performance metrics, and a restructuring of the city budget around the nine Big Moves ensure accountability for all leaders.

Departmental and overall city progress is outlined each year in an annual report, which is distributed to residents to encourage an open dialogue with the community throughout the entire planning process.

South Village single-family houses - Old Town, Thriving Neighborhoods, New Neighborhood Choices Big Moves. Photo Credit: City of Lewisville

Single-family houses in South Village are part of several of Lewisville's Big Moves: Old Town, Thriving Neighborhoods, and New Neighborhood Choices. Photo courtesy City of Lewisville.