AICP Student Project Awards

2017 AICP Student Project Awards

Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 AICP Student Project Awards! This award program recognizes outstanding class projects or papers by a student or group of students in Planning Accreditation Board–accredited planning programs. Winners were recognized at the 2017 National Planning Conference in New York.

Nominations for the 2018 award will be due in December 2017.

Award for Application of the Planning Process

OHSU Night Access Plan

Portland State University
Faculty Advisers: Dr. Ethan Seltzer, Dr. Marisa Zapata, and Susan Hartnett
Student Team: David Backes, Lea Anderson, Shane Valle, Rae-Leigh Stark, Taylor Phillips, Abe Moland

Award for Contribution of Planning to Contemporary Issues

Envisioning Florida's Future: Transportation and Land Use in an Automated Vehicle World

Florida State University
Faculty Advisers: Lindsay Stevens, AICP, Dr. Tim Chapin, and Jeremy Crute
Student Team: Vanessa Christiansen, John Cowart, Jordan Crandall, William Crowley, Scott Dogali, Diana Elsner, Maverick Fitzgerald, Julian Marcos, Stephano Miranda, Joshua Pelfrey, Yes Segura, Leslie Stout, Alexandria Washington

SDU + U: A Study of Secondary Dwelling Units

University of New Mexico
Faculty Adviser: Moises Gonzales
Student Team: Melanie Bishop, Kalvin Davis, William Donahoo, Erin Ganaway, Mia Hignojos, Colleen Martinez, Alex Ochoa, Nathan Todd, Elisha Wortham

Award for Applied Research

DELIVERING THE GOOD: Strategic Interventions Towards a Just & Sustainable Logistics System in Southern California

University of California at Los Angeles
Faculty Advisers: Goetz Wolff, Linda Delp, Teo Wickland, Katy McNamara
Student Team: Adriana Quiquivix, Ariana Vito, Diana Benitez, Dylan Sittig, Edber Macedo, Evan Moorman, Gabriel Gutierrez, Kate Bridges, Lindsey Jagoe, Meghmik Babakhanian, Michael Barrita-Diaz, Saly Heng, Sam Appel, Stephanie Tsai

Community Water Trust Feasibility in the Llano River Basin

University of Virginia
Faculty Advisers: Ellen Bassett, Kathy Galvin
Student Team: Briana Bergstrom, John Harbin, Benjamin Pickus, Xiaoxia Xiang

Awards Jury

Thank you to the following 2017 award jury members
Ben Carlisle, AICP (chair)
Dave Anderson, AICP
Hanna Cockburn, AICP
Phil Farrington, AICP
Monica Villalobos

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Monica Groh
Director of Emerging Professionals