Exam Frequently Asked Questions

Helpful Exam FAQ's

My exam appointment has been cancelled, what’s my next step?

All May 2020 exam appointments have been cancelled. Beginning April 20, you will be able to reschedule your appointment for a new date and time during the June 1–July 31 summer testing window. Please visit Prometric to reschedule your appointment. You’ll need the eligibility ID issued to you for the May test window when scheduling your appointment.

If you’d like to take the exam in-person at your local test center, then you can click the ‘Schedule’ link located in the left navigation panel.

If you’d like to schedule an appointment for an online remote appointment, please first review the ProProctor Guide and run the system check to confirm if your computer meets requirements. You can schedule your online remote exam appointment with Prometric if you pass the system check. The link for online remote testing can be found in option 2 on Prometric’s website.

I've already registered for the exam, when can I schedule my appointment to test?

Both in-person and remote appointment scheduling opens on April 20 through May 29. Changes to your summer testing appointment must be made at least 72 hours before the appointment.

How is online testing secure?

Prior to taking the exam itself, testers must present their ID card and testers are assigned a Prometric Readiness Agent to guide them through various steps via video chat. The steps include an environmental check showing work surface and room and a scan of the person including pockets, glasses, etc. During the exam, Prometric staff will monitor testers throughout the testing process and will be available to help at any point during the exam.

How do I test online?

The online test is similar to the in-person exam, including access to a Prometric Proctor during the exam. There are a few technical requirements you much meet in order to use the online testing. First, please review the requirements in the ProProctor user guide. Next, confirm your computer is compatible by running a system check. You'll be able to schedule an appointment for online testing if you pass the system check and meet the requirements in the user guide.

How do I contact Prometric regarding remote testing?

For scheduling support:

Toll Free: U.S., U.S. Territories, and Canada: 1-800-813-6779

International: 1-443-455-6299.Note that any international charges may apply

Email: pro-proctor@prometric.com

For technical support:

If you require technical support with launching, please visit: https://prometricsurveys.secure.force.com/ProProctor/

I prefer to transfer to the November 2020 window. Is that possible?

Yes, you can postpone taking the exam and transfer your exam registration to the fall exam. If you'd like to transfer, please email us at aicpexam@planning.org no later than May 29. The transfer fee is waived for this exam cycle.

I can't test remotely. What are my other options?

You have two other options. You can:

  1. Test at an in-person test center. Prometric test centers will be open on a case by case basis, so please view your local availability with Prometric, or
  2. Request a transfer n to the November 2020 test window by May 29.

My in-person exam appointment was cancelled. What do I do?

If your exam appointment is cancelled, you can:

  1. Reschedule it for a new date, time, or location at an available test center,
  2. Schedule an online remote appointment if your system is compatible, or
  3. Request a transfer to the November 2020 test window

There are so many uncertainties, should I just wait to schedule my appointment?

All appointments are available on a first-come first-served basis. This applies to online testing and in person testing. To maximize your options, make your appointment as soon as possible.

Please email us at aicpexam@planning.org with any additional questions you may have.