How CM Credits Are Measured

CM credits are measured in contact hours, so that one hour of instructional time equals one hour of CM credit (1 contact hour = 1 CM credit, 1.5 contact hours = 1.5 CM credits).

An event must be at least 30 minutes in duration to be eligible for CM credit.

Non-instructional activities or breaks (i.e. eating or drinking at luncheons or receptions, coffee, lunch, or bathroom breaks, etc.) cannot be included toward the contact hour(s) and should be discounted from your CM credits (e.g., a 1.5 hour session with one 15-minute break = 1.25 CM credits).

However, luncheons or receptions that are instruction-based and meet the CM criteria may be counted, as well as a question and answer period following an event (e.g., 50 minutes of instruction + 10 minutes Q&A = 60 min = 1 CM credit).